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Archive - Old Articles

The Core Paradigm section contains the key articles explaining the 'mind-set' and main presuppositions that the rest of the site is built upon. It is crucial that you understand these or the rest of the site won't make a lot of sense.

Sort Your Life Out discusses what happens when the natural 'goal-seeking' mechanism of the human mind gets locked into a downward spiral of fear and helplessness - and how to reverse this process.

The Mythic Quest, alternatively entitled Deities, Dragons and Destiny, is where we attempt to get our subconscious to interact with metaphorical / symbolic entities and concepts - and to bring back useful information and results from this interaction.

The Other Articles section contains a few miscellaneous articles about visualisations, paradox and flying saucers that might be of interest but are not considered crucial to the main site categories.

A metaphorical visualisation intended for use where any overt attempt at personal development could be met by physical intimidation and/or violence.

How the writing style of the Ancient Egyptians reveals a linguistic insight lost for thousands of years.

  • Secret of the Hieroglyphs

Originally the 'Core Paradigm' category used to be called 'Models and Metaphors' and included the following two articles. Since neither of them are really crucial for understanding the site they're now here.

This article meshes together Flying Saucer mythology with a Strategy for Creativity.

What happens when an Unstoppable Force hits an Immovable Object? How 'paradox' highlights flaws in our mental maps of the universe.

A story written using the conceit of 'intercepted communications', inspired by the 'PDA-collecting' bits of Doom 3. Originally written as a jokey way to link together chunks of expositionary text about the 'magician paradigm', but still brings in more web traffic than the rest of the site...

It's also partly auto-biographical, honest.

A Des le Mond adventure!

  • Wildcard

Trading Cards as a metaphor for personal resources.
With a bit of Jerry Cornelius thrown in for good measure.

An experiment with a cyclical, inter-weaved story-line.