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Source: Email Intercepted: Saturday, 1st of January

To: Jon Shepherd
From: David Taylor
Subject: Phobos Labs gets it's own dig site!


At 8:04am Exploratory Shaft 109, which you might recall was being sank to ascertain the source of the 'anomalous readings' interference on the Phobos Labs Instrumentation, became Dig Site 7.

We broke into an air space a little short of the proposed target depth. A video feed allowed us to determine that the air space was not only artificial, but of a considerably different design to those subterranean areas being investigated at the other dig sites.

The next few days will involve the engineers widening and strengthening the shaft and putting some kind of winch and pulley system in. As soon as they say it's safe we'll be able to take a better look at it.

Until then why don't we meet up and I'll show you the details?

Best Regards,

Source: Dig Site 7 Audio Feed and Preliminary Report Intercepted: Thursday, 6th of January

"Okay, I'm down."

Dig Site 7 is a radical departure from our norm. Whereas the other six dig sites consist of natural caverns once inhabited and used by a nomadic prehistoric culture mainly concerned with seasonal mining, this latest area is clearly unique in that it is totally stoneclad, built in a sophisticated decorative style.
The entry area appears to be some kind of corridor or atrium running east-west, measuring approximately 5 metres by 15 metres.

"We copy that, Ranger One. What's your assessment of the drill damage?"
"Well it doesn't look quite as bad as it looked on screen. It'll still need shoring up before we start opening up the site, but we are 'go' to start lowering the rest of the engineering team. I am clear of the line. Pull it back up."
"Okay. Retrieving the line now."

Damage caused by the initial drilling and widening of the shaft will necessitate some repair work on the south-western ceiling section. The stone-work appears to be mainly decorative and not supporting the ceiling in any substantial way. Engineers have, however, declared the structure in it's current state to be unsound and in need of repair before any sustained site investigation begins.

"There are a number of blocks of markings along the walls. Are you getting all this?"
"We are. The probe couldn't really get a good look at those. Can you put the camera closer?" <Pause> "And move downwards on that section?" <Pause> "Fantastic."

Similarities exist between the script from Dig Sites 1 through to 6 (Script A) and that found on the stele areas in this new chamber. It's clear even from a cursory examination that the Dig Site 7 script (Script B) is a vastly refined and more elegant cousin of Script A, with an expanded lexicon and a grammatical structure capable of dealing with abstract notions and concepts. Our previous work done on Script A should allow us to make rapid initial translations of the new Script B.
As to the question of why Scripts A and B are similar but not the same, possibly the Dig Sites are snap-shots of the development of a single culture: one in infancy (Script A) and then maturity (Script B) or in maturity and then decline. Or perhaps it is just a case of one culture being influenced by another.
No doubt more dating information and further study of the chamber will clarify the matter.

"They're all along the walls. See: one here and here. Here. And another. And another. Right up to the end."

There are two 'alcove' areas, one each in the terminating eastern and western ends of the chamber. the alcove ends in a single block of stone, implying that they may be doors or seals of some kind. Remote Sensing equipment has yet to be deployed in the chamber.

"Ranger Two is almost with you."
"Okay, returning to the drill shaft."

Source: Email Intercepted: Monday, 9th of January

To: Jon Shepherd
From: David Taylor
Subject: Forward: Reply: Anomalous Readings across Phobos Labs


Please see below for requested email history.


Subject: Reply: Anomalous Readings across Phobos Labs

Dr Bessinger,

You will be pleased to hear that the 'go ahead' has been given for Exploratory Shaft 109, to be sunk based upon your recent work regarding these 'anomalous signals'.

Work is expected to begin within the next 14 days.

The first 'Project Briefing' will be tomorrow at 14:00 in Conference Room 6. Please make every effort to attend.

J. Reynolds
Project Coordinator

Subject: Anomalous Readings across Phobos Labs

Mr Reynolds,

We have finally been able to ascertain the approximate source of the interference that has been picked up by Phobos Lab equipment over the last few weeks.

It is coming from underground, from beneath East 1 Module 8.

The original plan to triangulate the source location by timing the appearance of the pulse across Phobos failed due to the extraordinary fact that the pulse appears across all locations of Phobos simultaneously. Even the new JCX clocks couldn't pick out any kind of delay. This would seem to imply that the pulse has non-electromagnetic qualities, which of course would explain how it can bypass Lab EM shielding.

A hastily improvised backup plan based on using the amplitude of the pulse to determine its relative distance from a hypothesised epicentre met with success.

My suggestion is that we drill down to this location. More information about the precise geology of the epicentre might give us insight into shielding against the interference or even stopping it altogether.

I don't really see any alternative; all attempts thus far to shield lab equipment against the interference have proven futile and we can't very well move the entire installation.

Full details are in the attached report.

Dr Gaston Bessinger
Phobos Labs 4 (Neural Interfacing)

Source: Report Intercepted: Thursday, 12th of January

A Remote Sensing Analysis was conducted on two stone slabs, referred to as the 'doorways' or 'seals', one on each end of Dig Site 7.

The stone slabs both have an approximate depth of 3 feet and appear to terminate with an air pocket. This may indicate that they are indeed doorways of some kind or may simply be indicative of an alcove in the cavern which has been bricked over.

These studies were apparently of extreme urgency, so rock samples were subjected to the bare minimum of testing - testing that is required to determine a reference standard for the characterization of material flaws and equipment calibration. Due to the inherent low sound transmission and high signal noise of the material combined with the minimal preparatory work that was allowed, these results come with a 65% confidence rating.

All tests done on the Western slab indicate a robust material with a low level of internal imperfections.

Tests done against the Eastern slab reveal a high level of subsurface defects and discontinuities. The slab appears to have a significantly reduced depth in several areas.
These results are consistent with severe impact trauma from the opposite side.

Based on these tests the Eastern seal would be the more obvious candidate to be drilled out.

Source: Phobos Lab 2 Report Intercepted: Saturday, 14th of January

Stele 1, 2 and 3 initial translations

The first steles recovered from Dig Site 7 appear to be a story about self-initiation, or at least a process of personal development and growth that is self-initiated and deliberate.

The first picture shows a diminuitive individual ('small man of innocence') - presumably a reference to a child.

This individual is shown to be 'taking in' various glyphs that are being spoken or otherwise 'communicated' or transferred from the surrounding persons. The largeness of the surrounding persons may be simply as adults to the child character, or may be a way of representing relative authority and power.

The glyphs appear to be highly stylised representations of concepts such as 'rulings' often defined by the wordings 'could' or 'should' and also 'expectations' ('false knowledge imposed by others'.) Many of the other glyphs remain a mystery at this point.

The second image depicts the same individual having reached some level of maturity in personal power and / or age. This stage is defined by the conscious mind ('the candle flame in the darkest desert') becoming aware of its role as a manager rather than a controller.

Whereas previously the individual did not (or could not, if a child) employ any sense of discretion or discrimination about what was learnt, now they can use all of the experience and knowledge of life that they have subconsciously assimilated in order to refine all learnings ('the web of mind looks upon itself to direct the onyx spider'.)

This process is not only about freeing the conscious mind from identification with out-of-date concepts, it is also about the liberation of subconscious resources ('skilled workers of the unknown mind') that are now no longer constrained by the conscious need to be in control.

This individual now takes the step of 'self re-organisation' by a process of identification with specific idealised self-images or archetypes. The stele also makes some mention that as well as idealised images of the self, the positive attributes and essence ('fire-spirit-serpent') of many other creatures and concepts can be inwardly absorbed by this same process.

The final image in this series shows the individual progressing to a stage of identification with symbols that signify 'evolution' in a broad sense. It then becomes the job of the subconscious resources of that person to generate the exact how and why of this evolution ('to view the path ahead through a clear lens'.)

Every person that follows this process then becomes a part of the creation of an evolutionary momentum in society. They bring their own unique perspective and history, helping to create a transformational force that through its diversity gains a great robustness.

The accompanying script details the belief of these people that this process of self-evolution is not only beneficial but actually necessary for the continuing development of their society beyond its current volatile condition.

The final script section of the third stele repeats this admonition. It states quite clearly that their peoples will remain trapped, continually repeating behaviours based on outdated beliefs about who they should be and how they should act, unless purposeful action is taken to creatively generate new solutions and then bring them into physical being.

The apparent subsequent decline and disappearance of this culture would seem to imply that these individuals failed in their endeavour.

No doubt the continuing excavation of Site 7 will afford further illumination of these enigmatic but apparently insightful people.

Source: Email Intercepted: Monday, 16th of January

To: J Reynolds
From: Marc Watson
Subject: Authorisation for Hidden CCTV units

Mr Reynolds,

I have received a number of reports recently from workers in the Power Plant about a 'stalker' in the CPU stacks area.

I consider this sort of behaviour to be entirely inappropriate.

With your agreement I will authorise the placement of 3 hidden CCTV units in this area.

Marc Watson
Phobos Security

Source: Email Intercepted: Monday, 23rd of January

To: R Buchard
From: J Reynolds
Subject: Reply: Dig Site 7 !!!

Dr Buchard,

The matter of the new dig site will come up before the board next week. As it is I understand that one of the project managers over in Delta is keen to take on ownership of the dig site. I don't see any reason why this won't go ahead so I'd expect finds from dig site 7 to be shipped direct to Delta in future. Things should get back to normal in a few weeks. Be assured that Project deadlines will be relaxed due to the extra work generated by the new dig site!

In the meantime there's to be a small exhibition of the finds this coming weekend. Hopefully this will assure you that her time is being well spent!

J Reynolds

To: J Reynolds
From: R Buchard
Subject: Dig Site 7 !!!

Mr Reynolds,

I'd like to make an official complaint about the amount of time that the new dig site 7 work is requiring of Dr Robinson.

Her secondment to Deimos Labs in her capacity as linguist to help decode the dig site 6 markings was only supposed to be a part-time role.

I understand that the new dig site is of some importance but Dr Robinson is a key part of our team - and we will not be able to meet the agreed deadlines or service levels for projects if this continues.

Dr Buchard
Phobos Labs 2 - Training Methodologies

Source: Email Intercepted: Tuesday, 31st of January

To: S Peterson
From: J Reynolds
Subject: Reply: Dig Site 7 Transfer

I am pleased to confirm that the Board has just authorised Phobos Labs to keep and analyse all Dig Site 7 materials, subject to an ongoing appraisal.

I expect there to be some antagonism directed at us from Delta about this: apparently one of the Project Managers went ballistic when he found out.

All seconded staff will been returned to Phobos Labs to work on the new dig site effective within one week. Could you please prepare a report for discussion in the next management meeting regarding some initial objectives for these personnel.

J Reynolds
Project Co-ordinator

To: J Reynolds
From: S Peterson
Subject: Dig Site 7 Transfer
Importance: High

Mr Reynolds

Please could we meet at your earliest convenience?

I have just come back from the exhibition of finds taken from the new dig site and after spending some time talking with Ms Robinson, who supervised all the translation work, I am convinced that this research has important ramifications for the work we are doing at Phobos Labs.

I have taken the liberty of speaking with several of the board members to explain the importance of keeping these and all future materials in-house, but would wish to discuss the matter further with you before things progress.

Professor S Peterson
Phobos Labs 1 - Meta-belief Applications




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