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Social Engineering
Category: Mythic Quest
Last Updated: January 2011

"We serve the same Mystery -
we shall not name it."
- Vortigaunt Wisdom, Half-Life 2 (Valve)

Is the Human Race perfectable?
Or will self-interest and conflict dog our steps forever?

When we finally get to stretch our legs beyond our solar system will we be a breath of fresh air invigorating a bored cosmos or will we spread a pall of fear and ignorance over the entire universe, snuffing out intelligence and freedom wherever we find it? Will we be the Federation or the Borg?

This is a question that has occupied humanity for thousands of years, from the Founding Fathers of the United States to the Classical Greeks and beyond. And they had never even heard of Star Trek.

All of the most recent attempts to create a 'more ordered' society seem to be based on the belief that human behaviour can be 'intellectually understood' and neatly summarised by various models and theories - and that human beings must be manipulated, by use of these theories, into playing their part in this new world.

This idea that the 'ideal society' can be intellectually understood, designed and controlled seems to me to be entirely fallacious.

Perhaps it's time to get the subconscious working on a solution.

Bringing The Divine Down to Earth (Part 1)

As usual, this will involve asking our Inner Mind questions - this time about how the Human Race could benefit from a little guidance from the Divine Ally. These questions should be fairly 'open' so as to minimise the temptation to 'control' or to impose any assumptions or judgements on the results.

To clarify - we are asking our Inner Genius to imagine what it might be like to live in a hypothetical society that is guided by some essence of 'Divine Wisdom'... and because we now know all about the goal-seeking nature of the mind and about 'self-fulfilling prophecy' we need not be especially surprised when these benefits that our Inner Genius is imagining begin to spontaneously appear in real life.

"How happier and more effective might people be if the Human Race was guided and inspired by [your Divine Ally]?"

And while we are doing this we might hold in consciousness some images that are conducive to this aim: images of a future human race, self-actualised, happy, fulfilled, at peace with the natural world. And above it all, the Divine Ally, showering down some kind of Divine Wisdom / Energy / Essence / Stuff onto the world.

This 'image of the future' will, unavoidably, have many of your own preconceptions within it. All I can say is be aware of this, keep it all looking 'artfully vague', and trust your subconscious, when working in the paradigm of the Divine Ally, to sort things out for the best.

And perhaps the most important thing... when you've finished, forget about it and just continue with the rest of your day - let your subconscious mind get on with the heavy lifting. Somebody who declares themselves a 'High Priest of Horus', sets up their own 'temple' and then takes to the streets to get 'converts' is someone who has missed the point about conscious vs subconscious capabilities. The more you can avoid the temptation to intellectually understand / 'own' / control the process the more your subconscious will be able to get on with it.

The point of doing all of this is to create this 'Divine Ally-inspired utopia' as your own subconscious 'reality'. It will attract people that, on some level, want to be involved in this 'better world' and also give them permission to make the necessary changes in their own life, to be a part of this evolutionary process. At the same time it will 'repel' people that are still strongly immersed in a conflict-scarcity mindset.

This type of 'social engineering' spreads not through conscious discussion or enforcement but through the medium of 'subconscious social networks' - where somebody's inner beliefs / worldview will affect 3 'layers' of people around them: their friends, their friends' friends and also (but to a lesser extent) their friends' friends' friends.

While the ultimate objective would be for everyone on the planet to spend 10 minutes every morning asking their Inner Genius how the human race could benefit 'if' it had some 'Divine' guidance - we might imagine that having every person on the planet within '3 degrees of separation' of someone already doing this could be the 'critical mass' or 'tipping point' when things would start to change on a global level.