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Subconscious Archetype Modelling
Category: Mythic Quest
Last Updated: February 2011

We sit together
The mountain and I
Until only the mountain remains.
- Li Po

This is an attempt to get the subconscious resources to organise themselves in such a way that they can 'take over' to perform tasks that the 'conscious' intellect has difficulties completing successfully.

This may be the phenomenon sometimes called the 'Flow State'.

This may be what's referred to as being 'in the zone'.

This may also be similar to the Taoist idea of 'wu-wei' action without action - the subconscious takes action without the conscious intellect having to micro-manage everything.

... But who knows? Some of the descriptions of these 'states' seem similar to what I'm looking for, but many don't.

In any case there isn't much to say as I've only experienced this a couple of times, and only in one of those instances was it the result of deliberate planning. There is still much to figure out.

Triggering Your First Flow State

The creation of the resource for your first 'Flow State' should probably be as specific as possible - so that you can really concentrate as much information as you can on this one objective - but not so specific that the exact combination you are asking the subconscious to prepare for never occurs...
  • Specific Context - The situation in which this 'resource' would be most likely to be required.
  • Specific Audience - The people, or types of people, that this 'resource' would be most likely to be required around.
  • Specific Purpose / Goal - A clear and *definite* way to measure overall success, something to aim towards.
  • Specific Feedback - Clear ways to tell that it is working, that it is doing things correctly, and to stay on this course.
  • Meaningful / Enjoyable / Interesting - Pick something that you actually want to do. There will be plenty of time to direct Flow State resources at your chores later on.

Your first Flow State experiment should probably be of a mundane or superficial nature - an attempt to turbo-charge some aspect of your social life or presentation skills would be fine. There will be plenty of time to manifest Divine Wisdom or something after the basic steps have been sorted out properly.

Use the technologies in the 'Sort Your Life Out' section to create a Self-Image aimed towards this 'very specific' objective using very few (maybe even none) of the 'associated / false memory' questions / visualisations, but lots of the 'dissociated / motivational' questions / visualisations.