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The Mythic Quest

Finally we approach the 'Great Work' of Self-Actualisation, and deal with questions such as: What is life all about? Where is the Human Race going? And what can we do about it?

I am - possibly slightly confusingly - using the term 'Mythic Quest' both as a reference to the work of Joseph Campbell (where he sees mythology in terms of metaphors of self and societal development) and to the act of interacting with mythology in more literal ways.

I should also mention that this section assumes a reasonable amount of experience using the technologies on the rest of the site:
- using mindfulness to clear out old tensions from your mind-body system and gain a level of detachment from the 'drama movies' that occasionally start-up in the imagination
- using 'focussed questions' to install a more solutions-oriented way of thinking.
- the 'Higher Power' / 'Divine Ally' paradigm

I should also point out that there is nothing in this section that anyone needs to concern themselves with should their interests be limited to improving their personal happiness / success. Everything required will be in the other sections of this site.

This section is really for people who have already demonstrated to themselves that the visualisation / belief technologies work, and have found this endeavour to raise yet more questions:
What does it all mean?
what else could we do with this stuff?
Is there something we are 'supposed' to be doing with it?

There is a possibility that all of the things I'm talking about here are just re-inventions, re-discoveries, of concepts once known and used by the human race.

The problem is that this implies that this knowledge has been lost at least once in the past - and if we can't figure out a way to make this information more self-maintaining then it might disappear again. Maybe sometimes it's accidentally de-railed by well-meaning but essentially clueless people. Other times this information has been deliberately suppressed and destroyed, though is this out of fear or as a means of control who can say.

We need a more reliable way to preserve and transmit this information.

Without a doubt the 'flow-state' itself is the best way to convey the 'experiential essence' of the subject. What you'd need is someone who can create and hold a good flow-state that would allow surrounding people - anyone in 'rapport' with this person - to generate a small 'sympathetic' version of the 'flow-state' experience within their own mind/body.

At that point verbal discussions / teachings to elucidate the process would be far less vulnerable to the 'thinking we're talking about the same thing but actually we're not' style of misunderstanding.